A little more of an in depth COBBLER review

I have a recommendation for fans of darker comedies, or maybe movies not int he mainstream of the entertainment world; THE COBBLER was one of the most creative, strange, and fun films I’ve ever seen..

The movie starred Adam Sandler and was originally released September 2014. The film explores the life and times of a cobbler in the modern city, someone trying to make it in a world of technological advancement.. But the film turns haywire fast with a magical gift that Sandler discovers:  If he cobbles shoes on an old contraption, he is able to physically and literally walk in the pair of the person who owns them. He can become anyone he wants to become–and it is at this point that a dramatic turn in life takes place.  He learns quickly about crime, murder, mystery, and heartbreak..

It’s not a laugh out loud movie,  instead one that penetrates a bit deeper. I had moments of chuckles at best, but the quickly developing crime comedy that develops was enough to keep my interest.

In fairness, it is a PUNCH DRUNK LOVE type film .. Sandler seems to be in his element in this film, even though it was not a highly advertised bigger budget flick. It is a simple movie, and Sandler plays a simple man with perfection. He was convincing as a cobbler. Though the plot took paranormal turns at times, the cobbler seemed to end up being a very believable movie.

This movie was rented by accident at a REDBOX.. I didn’t really hear of the movie prior to this, nor was I aware even as to what it was about. Truth be told, when I saw the cover, I thought it said the ‘Gobbler’ and was going to be a film about Sandler eating too much—he did get a little top heavy as of late.  I ended up being pleasantly surprised at the imaginative movie..

Not everyone may agree with me.
I took a glance at the reviews on a variety of places including IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. And boy are they bad.. Some people were downright cruel about their reaction to this film.. The movie got an icy reception—and just like many others that did, I liked it.

I have learned to take reviews with a grain of salt. When I saw the 1 star that THE HOUSE OCTOBER BUILT is getting on NETFLIX, I figured it was going to be a waste of time.  When I watched it, though, it ended up being just like the movie I wanted to see: Cheap thrills, scary clowns, and a horror haunted house feel.

Back to Sandler..
I would say this: IF you have a spare moment to see a film, and most other choices you really wanted are gone, try the COBBLER.
Just try it..
But don’t ruin a good pair of shoes hunting it down.