The science world rocked.. The space world changed.. and a view we had of Pluto has been thrown out the window by the reality of what the New Horizons has found.

This is amazing..
New mountains of youth.. formations of a planet (or drawf planet) still ongoing..

Pluto and the moon Charon have virtually no craters. 
It has 11,000 foot mountains of water ice. 
The moon Charon ‘blew the socks off’ of scientists …
Pluto’s heart shaped area had then sentimental.

And all the while I keep pondering whether Richard Hoagland is right about an ancient civilization inhabiting all of the planets of our solar system.. No word on whether the big old library was found on Pluto, but it sure seems historic things where..

There is a good article from BLOOMBERG here summarizing this.. Some more links:

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