As Art Bell winds down his last week off before starting MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT on July 20, big news is breaking involving his return: Home of Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis is adding Bell’s program to the lineup. KXL in Portland Oregon, a massive station with wide coverage over the Northwest, will air 10pm to 1am immediately after Lewis’ program.


In the press release from Alpha Media,  Scott Mahalick, executive VP of programming, said, “We’re thrilled to be amping up our paranormal broadcast activity with the addition of Art Bell following Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero. It’s a home run for Alpha Media to have the two biggest talents anchored on FM NEWS 101 KXL.”

Recent days has seen other Bell related tidbits popping up around the internet.Steve Warner recently interviewed famed Coast guest Richard C. Hoagland about the ‘soap opera’ that has become Coast to Coast. Hoagland won an old bet to host one night of Coast, and he asked George Noory to allow him to broadcast today during the amazing NASA Pluto flyby. Though Noory originally agreed, the planned suddenly changed with Coast producers telling Hoagland he can have a night on July 20–the same night that Bell begins his show. Instead, the tables were turned with the OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT being announced and Hoagland getting the chance to do his own program after MIDNIGHT. Coast effectively banned him from future appearances on that show.

As Bell gets prepped for his radio gig to restart, he is also did a REDDIT AMA at 630 July 14.

The countdown clock gets closer to midnight..
And the big stations are now lining up.