THE BBC is running an amazing report authored by David Robson..

The premise: Hunans can become possessed by AI..

The money quite:

Science fiction – including the recent TV series Humans – has long questioned whether robots could one day integrate in our society, to the point we no longer make a distinction between who is alive and who is electronic; Corti’s experiments suggest that even with today’s limited AI, we are already more easily fooled than you would imagine.

There’s a catch, however. The team later tried to replicate the classic “Turing Test” of artificial intelligence. So in another condition, the participants were told that they may or may not be talking to a robot – and they had to guess which. Surprisingly, in this situation, the chatbot was no more likely to pass the Turing Test than if they had been chatting on a screen. “The bar is higher – people expect more,” says Gillespie.

It’s a kind of paradox: without being told that we might be speaking to an AI, we simply assume that our conversation partner lies in the stranger part of the spectrum of human behaviour. But as soon as we know that it might not be human, we are extra critical of its failings. “We might have AI’s intelligent beyond belief but our knowledge of them being non-human might limit our desire to interact with them in a human way,” says Corti.

I can’t do more justice to this report than it already did itself.. It’s a great read and amazing to comprehend ..

But I’ll add this bit of paranormal to the mix. What if possessions reported throughout history were already happened because of computer viruses? What if the demons were simply at a keyboard, typing away? What if humans encountered mental illness because of a worm running through our processing and microcomputer brain?

That may sound silly.

But you need to suspend reality when contemplating the future–that the mind may be overtaken by computers.

if it could happen then it can BE happening and may have ALREADY.

Food for thought as you peruse the BBC article…

The future’s so bright, you better download a mind virus scan.