GROUND ZERO cuts to 3 hours to make way for Art Bell

When it was announced that Art Bell’s MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT would join monster broadcaster KXL in Oregon, the station bragged about having the two biggest stars in paranormal radio: Bell and Clyde Lewis, who hosts Ground Zero five nights a week. For years, Lewis’ program has been five solid hours–often times some of the information was rehashed hourly to make way for new affiliates joining.

Lewis announced on Facebook hours ago that Bell’s joining of KXL will cut his program from the almost half a dozen hours to three.

From Lewis:

The 11 o clock hour will be our last local Hour. Starting Monday we will air on KXL for three Hours –and then we welcome Art Bell to KXL.! We will see you at ECETI tomorrow Thank you for three years of keeping us alive for 5 hours every night —

Reader reactions in the comment thread have positive overall.

As has the HORROR REPORT over the years.
Though there has been a well-known appreciation for Art Bell on this website, there has been an equal amount of love shown for Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. Lewis has even publicly said he reads the HORROR REPORT. I am honored to know that, just as honored as I was when Art Bell linked this page on both his Faecbook and Twitter accounts.

Clyde Lewis has helped me get through more than enough nights during the past couple of years. His broadcasting skill is evident, but his dedication to broadcasting and the subject matter he covers is strong. How many medical issues has he had, but yet comes back to work for fans to hear his voice again?

And now Clyde and Art storm through the night.
As one comment on Facebook observed,

Well, I guess there is no reason to listen to Coast anymore.