A few days ago, Art Bell announced the he was joining with Nexus to provide up to 4,000 stations the ability to ‘flip the switch’ and broadcast MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT to whatever program directors decide to pick up the show..

It looks like the nighttime revolution is beginning to pick up steam..

Bell last night wrote on Facebook,

New Stations for MITD: First come first served:
Starting in Dec KFMB SanDiego/La
Starting early October:
KFRH Fm 100KW Las Vegas 104.3
KBET 790 AM Las Vegas
KTKN 930AM Ketchikan, AK
KLZ 560 AM Denver, CO 5KW
WDCD 1540 Albany, NY 50KW
And so it begins, this is how we take
back the night. Please call your local station and request MITD but make sure it is not the station that carries that other show but instead the competition.

And this tonight came from Bell on the same forum:

The Stations are coming fast now but I will not post them till we have signed agreements. It is because of what you all are doing in calling and asking them to pick up the show, please continue, IT WORKS. Available on XDS on Oct 1st.

The fan base has responded to his request for stations to pick up the program.
Though Bell began MIDNIGHT with the intention of an online only show, it is becoming increasingly likely that he is attempting to take back the night in a 20th century fashion–on radio — in stereo..
More stations surely will be announced as time goes..
Until then, it’s free to listen on ARTBELL.COM or TuneIN radio.. and the Dark Matter Radio Network. Time travelers, not locked in at $5, are paying $7 for post-show streaming..
No word from the Coast crowd by the Bellgabbers sure are gabbing.