A horned beast before a Papal Feast?

Though the Pope is in America, it still must be a slow news day.. Or perhaps my mockery of the ‘horned President’ images is missing the paranormal boat I should be riding..

Nevertheless, here’s the gist: The Pope appeared in D.C. today with President Obama. A few images taken of the two leaders of the free-ish world showcased Obama with what appeared to be a horned-like hue around the Commander in Chief.

This sort of goes in line with past paranormal moments for President Obama.. such as the time(s) (more than one) when the President was surrounded by flies, some landing on his face and others on his hands. Or the time when he killed a fly circling his head, with his bear hands.. And perhaps the time during a speech to the nation during the prime time hours when an image, again, appeared around his head shaped with horns.

And now this moment, with the man so many consider the holiest on earth. And horns.. Surrounding the President’s head..

All on September 23..
The date of infamy that did not become infamous for the world, thankfully.

Though the ‘end times’ still have time.

Let’s see how many more times horns appear around the Pope or the President before we decide Kirk Cameron’s RAPTURE is ready.