This is an image from a video that is scaring a lot of people this Halloween.. 

SLATE reports that is a ‘nightmareish’ puzzle that has taken the Internet by storm.. Last night the DRUDGE REPORT linked up a British fishwrapper that said the video contained ‘threats’ to the President of the United States.. 

Lily Newman in SLATE had the backstory:

Last week, Johny from GadgetZZ.composted a writeup about a mysterious CD-ROM the site had received in the mail about three months before. The letter came from Poland to the site’s Swedish P.O. box, and at first it didn’t seem very interesting. The disc just had some numbers and letters written on one side that looked like a serial number.

When Johny looked at the contents of the disc, though, he discovered a strange video. In it, a creepy-beyond-creepy figure stands in a seemingly deserted building, at first in shadow and then plainly in a camera’s view. Staticky noise plays in the background and extremely subtle visual effects occasionally cross the screen as the figure gestures and holds up a blinking light. After you see it you know how the characters in The Ring felt when they watched the VHS tape that would mark them for death.

The internet has had it for months, though.. it has been circulating. And even more, REDDIT threads have been created well in advance to the latest series of news articles detailing the scary images that are tending to fright people in big numbers across the WEB as they see the video – spreading like the RING is surely a good comparison.