Art Bell tolls: $20,000 to whoever catches the stalker!

The famed talk show host put a message on Facebook tonight: Help me find the stalker who pushed me off the air..

Bell wrote,

I will offer $20,000.00 to anybody providing information leading to the Arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the Stalking Terror resulting in my Leaving the air from MITD.

Art Bell

The talk show legend left MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT last week after multiple incidents pushed him from the program.

Since then, Heather Wade has been hosting the program and received mixed reviews..

The Bell will toll, and $20,000 may result..

1 thought on “Art Bell tolls: $20,000 to whoever catches the stalker!

  1. I have reason to believe that the perp is a women by the name of Nancy Hayfield Brines who helps with a podcast called Future Theater. I have information she hired a third party to do the dirty deed. She pretends to be friends but is so envious of others success and wants, feels and demands more and more money for everything she does. She bad mouths all other hosts of paranormal podcasts out of spite.

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