90th Anniversary: Knoebels opens–and promises a new room of scares!

Simply put: Knoebels is the best park in the state of Pennsylvania.
Scratch that.. the nation..
Scratch that.. the world.
Need I go on?

Perhaps there is a bias here. I have been traveling to Knoebels Grove since I was an infant.. I go every year–being about 25 minutes away helps.

The park has free admission. Free parking. And yet with the influx of new people over the past decade, it has managed to keep its past in check. It still feels like home. No one ever frowns—-not one person who passes me by in the crowd seems unhappy at all.  Knoebels is an escape from reality.. it is quaint and fun. Good fun. And fantasy…
And this year: It includes an extra scare.

The haunted house at Knoebels is a fun little ride. Pizza first or after is fine, there’s a stand right next to it. Along with DipNDots ice cream.

This year, for the 90th anniversary of Knoebels, it’s time to scream. The park promises new ghosts and a new room in the famed haunted house.


The 90th anniversary press blitz has been a fantastic tribute to the success of this park… Make a trip if you can..

The haunted house, for sure, will be on the list for me during my most likely MANY encounters with the park.

And now that my son is 5, perhaps it’s time to acquaint him with the ghostly screams and beeping buses that the haunted house has to offer..