There is “LIFE AFTER DEATH” according to a study..

That’s an actual headline from the UK EXPRESS.. and while it seems hopeful and amazing, the information was certainly not conclusive. There is a certain chance that we can live up to three minutes after the heart stops.. there is also the chance that many people have experienced ‘life after death’ type out of body experiences.. or as the UK EXPRESS titled them, ‘outer body.’ There is also a chance that Raymond Moody had it best–and first–with his life after life scenarios and circumstances.

What we know is that we still don’t know..
One of the biggest focuses of this website–and me personally–is to get to the bottom of this question. It may be the most important question we ever ask on this planet.  And if we would so happen to find an answer.. my God, imagine how amazing that could really, really be?

I get a sense we will not find that conclusion we are looking for, however.. instead just strange stories, hints, and allegations from the world at large.

We will get the conclusive answer when we meet our fate.
And we hope and strive for a long and healthy question session before we finally get the final answer..

But I am always reminded when I talk about this subject of a comment from John Leer on Art Bell so many years ago: Do NOT go into the light. It’s a trap.

Two years ago after a health scare, radio host Clyde Lewis added to the ‘no light’ statement with a joke that he pictures a hillbilly with a bugzapper as each person enters the tunnel …

Avoid the light?
Is there a light?
One thing that sticks with me from the UK EXPRESS article describing the emotion people had, mostly, during the NDEs: FEAR.