‘Alice,’ ‘X-Men’ Messes: Studio Execs Prepare to Sweat a Stressful Summer

‘Alice,’ ‘X-Men’ Messes: Studio Execs Prepare to Sweat a Stressful Summer :

Galloway dishes at the Hollywood Reporter.. My favorite highlight:

Few insiders view The Legend of Tarzan (July 1) as a surefire hit, though New Line’s The Conjuring 2 (June 10) and the DC villain team-up Suicide Squad (Aug. 5) seem hopeful, despite extensive reshoots performed on the latter. “Suicide Squad looks like it’s going to do very, very well,” argues media analyst Eric Handler of MKM Partners. “The problem is, Warners has to deal with Tarzan first. I don’t know anybody who’s excited about [that].” As for the talked-about Dwayne Johnson-Kevin Hart comedy Central Intelligence (June 17), “New Line’s Toby Emmerich gets credit for that,” says one source. The WB triumverate of Silverman, Emmerich and marketing and distribution chief Sue Kroll seem like they have been under the microscope since assuming their current roles in 2013, with the most pressing matter being the future of Warners’ DC Comics movies. Producer Charles Roven — having worked on each DC movie since 2005’s Batman Begins — is being transitioned into a different role after the relative disappointment of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice; Ben Affleck is taking on more responsibility for the Batman movies; and Jon Berg and Geoff Johns have been promoted to run a new unit called DC Films

There may be a tendency to over simplify why certain movies crank it up and others fail. Quite frankly I saw Angry Birds twice now and me and my son both liked it just as much.. It was fun. Movies need to be fun. And to me X MEN and ALICE just didn’t look fun.

And by the way, both movies made lots more money than I’ll ever see in life.
Regardless, the big budget box office films just ain’t what they used to be.

Megan Fox will score with her Turtles.
The Suicide Squad should too.
But those Ghostbusters gals? That’s a whole other story.