Hunting for answers: David Paulides back with new stories of missing and vanished people, this time focusing on hunters in the woods

​As expected, David Paulides dropped new stories during his appearance last night on Coast to Coast AM.. Stories of hunters. Weird tales of people who know the forest, people who utilize various forms of instrumentation to find directions, people who carry weapons, all vanishing without a trace. In some instances, traces are found. In one specific story, one man was found after being dead for two weeks. But he wasn’t dead the whole time.. the coroner’s report in that instance said he was dead for only four days. The weird anomaly: His feet were literally worn down to the bone—literally the bottoms of his feet were worn away.

These are the types of stories that David Paulides tells George Knapp, the occasional host of the macabre airwaves under the cover of moonlight..

There was a new bombshell dropped last night during the program. Paulides described a bow hunter in the forest with her Blackberry—before the bankruptcy of the company, obviously. She noticed how the forest seemed to stop dead—no noise, no sound. Just silence. It felt strange. She went on to describe what really makes little sense: Just like in the movie PREDATOR, fuzzy saran-wrap-like figures jumping from one tree to the next.. She even snapped a photo of what appeared to be a mostly fuzzy landscape with a hairlike structure near the edge of the picture. The amazing story aside, the bow hunter’s husband is Dr. Bruce Maccabee—a very well known UFO expert..

It’s all so weird, so bizarre.

Paulides went on last night to also remind listeners of some prior cases where people came back from being missing. Those people describe having fuzzy memories, people looking at them from behind shrubs in the woods, or not even recall being last.  Almost like walking into another reality, as George Knapp pointed out during the show.

I have been an avid reader of Paulides books. I also spoke to George Knapp about this very topic a bit ago… It fascinates me and scares me alike. I live near the woods in Pennsylvania. And I also had me own experience that I wrote about in May 2014.

During that time, I had a similar experience where the ‘forest went silent.’  Though my moment of silence was even weirder because, at midnight when it occurred, one lone songbird actually began to sing in the middle of the night.  I saw a meteor or something streak across the sky, and then immediately began hearing what sounded, for lack of any better explanation, a chain-like noise. Almost like something being drug across the forest floor. But I did not hear footsteps. My dog Mutley heard it too and got into an attack formation, coupled with the hair on his spine rising as high as I ever saw it..  The noise continued to get louder and louder until it seemed like it was literally on top of me. I grew very cold and afraid. Despite turning on a spotlight on the side of the house, I saw nothing at all.. The noise dissipated after a few minutes. It felt like I was in the middle of a recording, or endless loop of some other reality.. 

The most troubling aspect of my personal tale is this: I had this foreboding sense about the whole thing. While I wanted to go about 15 more feet and step into the forest, I had some weird notion that whatever it was making this noise WANTED me to walk into the woods.. almost like it was tempting me to enter its territory and terrain, as though there was some weird boundary that it could not cross… 

Equally strange was a conversation I had with a deer hunter a few months ago.  Given my interest I the unusual, I asked him if he ever had a ‘dead forest’ moment when he hunted. He said he did.. but it did not last long. He was deer hunting at a camp with several other hunters. While outside for a cigarette, he said the woods literally went dead and lifeless for about ten or so seconds. And then the noises of the forest came back again.

All so weird.. so strange. So peculiar. 

The complex mystery continues. There seems to be no sound answer to the lost and unfound. 

David Paulides offered no reasonable explanation, as he purposely does not. George Knapp described it all as best he could: Like a harvest.

The harvest idea may be the most frightening of all to contemplate. 

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