Darkness Dave and iHeartRadio end their relationship!

One of the best paranormal radio talkshow hosts has ended his show abruptly and iHeartRadio has ended the relationship with him and his cohost.

Dave Schrader announced late today that the show Darkness Radio has ceased to exist. A new podcast will be available five nights a week, on podcast1.com. The show will be free and archives will exist for 90 days. After the 90 day period, payment will have to be rendered to get all programs.

Schrader said during his Facebook live broadcast late today, “download them all” so you won’t have to pay later.

This also will mean that since Schrader will no longer be an employee of iHeartRadio, his frequent appearances as the guest host of Coast to Coast a.m. will undoubtedly also end.

A fan favorite from his program called true crime Tuesday will not be going with him to the new show. It’s likely that I heart iHeartRadio has maintained ownership over that specific content..

The new program will be called Beyond the Darkness.