A great response to my post about FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S

A great response to my post about FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S:

Yesterday I posted a piece of my mind about the horror game series FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S..I questioned how young was too young for a child to play..where the fascination came from.. I recalled my own childhood and my own appreciation of certain pop culture horror icons…
And I got a great response as a result on the linked Tumblr site.

The post, in full, below:



Mmmm. I usually don’t like to comment on tumblr too much but. I’m pretty sure before this so called “youtube channel” started playing it, there was a ton of kids who were into it when the second game came out. What you’re dealing with here isn’t blood and the “horror story” in FNAF. It’s more of the 5-6 year olds who make the fandom of FNAF. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played all the FNAF games and I love the storyline (which is aimed at teens mostly), but I choose to play the games and not get caught in the cancerous fandom. I’m guessing kids like to be…edgy??? It’s the same thing with Undertale. And especially when Creepypastas were super popular, kids loved it and drawing gorey fanart for it. The vast majority of the influence is from the internet though. I’m not too sure if what I said helped? I can’t really give an answer to what age is appropriate to show horror to kids, because the internet has already thrown kids into a mess of fandoms.

That last part especially makes sense it me.. the internet is throwing kids into a mess of fandoms. I don’t think I could have summarized it better myself.. it’s true and accurate..

Everyone has a channel..youtube killed the video star and everyone has a voice. And a game controller..

Kids do like to be edgy. My own son, now just shy of age 6 by a day, is trying to already be his own person. He is developing his own character.. he is interested in scary things, he’ll even listen to some moments of paranormal radio that I listen to before getting bored at all the old people talking and talking and talking. But FFAF? That is allowing him to go against the grain and be his own edgy little self.

Good post .. I am happily linking it..

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