The Berkeley Purge

If you never saw the movie the Purge, now might be the time to rent or buy. In that film, a horror parody of life, people are given the permission to commit crimes of any sort for one day a year and the government will not prosecute them.

The whole concept may seem somewhat silly … however given the state of our current situation in this country, you could almost envision a future in which the Purge would be a non-parody and now a possible reality.

I watched live coverage last night streaming of the riots at Berkeley University. The students took to the campus to express themselves in a violent way because a gay Republican commentator known for sharp insults on Twitter was asked to speak as a guest of the campus Republicans.

But he never got the chance to speak, instead Molotov cocktails were thrown and fires raged as thousands of people took to the campus to express hatred for Milo.

But it wasn’t just shouting and signage that caused hostility. There exists several videos of females who are hit with metal or iron rods, and one who is pepper sprayed for wearing a Donald Trump hat. Clearly those women were at the assembly not as protesters but is people who wanted to attend the Milo event..

Since the election last year commentators and talking heads have told us that the Donald Trump crowd has been violent and anti-female. But this new shocking twist of events showcases how more supposedly open minded people could equally be intolerant of speech and even violence towards women, as showcase last night and several videos…

In the latest film Purge election year film, candidates running for president have two sharply different view points on the purge .. The religious candidate likes the purge because it enables him to get rid of political opponents. The female candidate running against him was once the victim of the purge as she saw her entire family be killed when she was young. The movie clearly symbolizes many parts of American society. It is not just a horror comedy/slasher film instead it is a commentary on the world and time we live in.

Right now, it seems like the most common theme of the nightly news is a riot somewhere over political believes, an angry fight in Washington DC about political nominations, or families being torn apart by differing political views. If we would’ve had television or the Internet in the days leading up to the American Civil War in the 1800s, we may have seen similar events play out.

And that may be more than anything the most trying aspect that has developed since Donald Trump was elected president… look at yourself in the mirror, do you know what you are and what you want? Are you peaceful in nature, or do you deep down want the perch. And if you want to purge, are you completely understanding of all of the difficulties and hers that come with it?

Because by watching the news lately, I’m starting to believe that a lot more Americans than I ever believed would like the purge certainly would except it now. And that my friends is scarier than any horror movie ever made.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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