The big news from NASA and what wasn’t said


That is amazing news.. exciting news. You may have to put away the political section or turn off the mainstream news to actually even hear about this monumental NASA announcement, but it’s there if you want to read it .. see it..

Astronomers discovered the 7 planets rotating around a nearby star. Three of the planets have  good chance of having water … life.. ? But they didn’t announce life.

The planets are 40 light years away — seems short distance but … 40 light years is not.

In 2016 the TRAPPIST telescope found the planets. 7 have been identified…


The astronomers studied regular dips in the star’s brightness.. a telescope in Chile helped find the system, along with NASA’s..

The temperatures and sizes apparently are very similar to that of the Earth.. Amazing that so many planets in the system have the chance of being earth-like….

They are the planets that could harbor oceans of water on their surfaces…

When NASA announced that big news was coming yesterday, most of the UFO world was crossing fingers and toes that alien life would be announced. But nothing of that sort, yet. It would seem, if you were writing a novel about HOW TO release info on life, you would do it in drips and drabs.. drips and drabs have been occurring. The latest drip is that life CAN exist on several planets..  This, compared to the old days of NASA simply announcing they found planets, is different. This time we are finding planets with oceans.. we are finding potential life. WE just don’t say LIFE yet.. but close enough ..
40 light years though.. still a distance.

I personally don’t think it is a question of whether life exists, but just whether we find it during my own personal lifetime.

This is a big universe. Complex in nature and mysterious in origin. We are pebbles on a beach.. maybe even fractions of a grain of sand.. But yet somehow a part of that big and amazing intricate picture of life itself.

Amazing time to be alive. Just hope someone can discover a car that goes 40 light years a minute and get us to a new home among the stars that birthed us..