The merging of man and machine

Remember when Elon Musk said humankind would have to somehow merge with machines if we want to stay relevant in the face of the inevitable war between us and our robot overlords? He wasn’t kidding, and he’s formed a new company dedicated to figuring out how to do just that. Somewhere in between electric cars,…

via Elon Musk Forming Company Dedicated To Merging Humans With Machines — Consumerist

The article is linked.. you can read it in its entirety.. Among the money quotes most important:

That tech involves embedding little electrodes in a human brain that could eventually upload and download thoughts, which is not at all creepy and we can’t see how such a process could possibly lead to any kind of mass-scale human slaughter.

At first, however, the new company has plans to develop cranial computers in order to do things like treating epilepsy or major depression, the insiders say.

While Musk didn’t respond to the WSJ’s request for comment, a person who says he’s “a member of the founding team” confirmed the company’s existence and the fact that Musk is involved.

In February, Musk said we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.

I think we are beyond the point of return.. So many people still raise their eyebrows at me when I mention that man and machine will be merged–and that a set goal is to make it happen! They scoff at the notion that we are creating a future minus emotion, and one clearly set on combining the most effective ways of existence with humanity..  But it is happening. It is true. And it is coming. If people still roll their eyes, read the Rolfe Winkler article from the Wall Street JOURNAL..

At this point I don’t even offer opinions.. simply telling this to people is enough. I think there is a certain point–the one of no return–where you give in. You give up. You realize that the future is coming like a steamroller, either from hell or heaven.

Will it be all that bad? Imagine just thinking about something and your brain, being connected to the Internet, googles it on its own.. knows the answer without thinking. Doesn’t need to waste time learning but instead can just “know” .. It will be too cool for school. Teachers won’t be needed.. heck, maybe even the parental nest will be antiquated and a relic of a distance 20th and early 21st century past..

This merging and connection together is going to quickly and immensely change everything we know. There is no stopping progress. Even if this is not progress to you, it’s a ‘go’ …

So prepare now.. Gather ye rosebuds while we may.. Human time a learnin’..
The same brain thinking today tomorrow will be mergin’