SHIRTS TO WEAR AND SCARE: ‘Serial Killer’ store has a lot to offer

Fans of horror films and the genre love to show their favorite slasher on T-shirts and apparel. Twas always thus and always thus shall be..

Given that thought, I thought it would be proper and decent to show you all one of my favorite places for such items: The Serial Killer Shop online, featuring tons of cool shirts that can showcase your favorite villain from horror or to celebrate your most prized movie from the genre. Real people featured too should that be your forte.


The website features amazing deals.. it also has a huge fan base, over 24,000 people on Twitter, 100,000 on Facebook, and 26,000 on Instagram. You most likely have seen their products on a torso near you. You may even have one yourself..

The site also features a blog that has very readable horror movie facts and tidbits.

However, it’s clear the real prize for readers are the products..

You can visit the shop and peruse the items yourself, but I wanted to share the shirts I felt most affinity for.. my favorites from the website, and maybe they’ll be yours too:

Absolutely love this one.. my spirit animal has scissorhands.. 

Camp Crystal Lake never looked so respectful. A nice vacation spot.. a beautiful piece of garment to showcase the date when the camp was founded. And Jason lurks. The vibe from the shirt is spot on.

Classic horror is not forgotten either.. Franklenstein! Very cool.


And the best for last.. my favorite of the items offered:

 This IT FOLLOWS shirt captures the brilliance of the movie onto one image. The black and white presents the perfect picture, coupled with the blood red font. One of the better movies of the past decade.. and one of the most amazing shirts to show your love of it..

x x x x

So enjoy the products, Check them out..
The world is a scary place. You may as well show off your flare the proper way.



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