Tom Cruise: Tomb raider

THE MUMMY is not connected well with audiences..
But WONDER WOMAN continues strong ..

Tom Cruise’s latest movie, Universal’s The Mummy is tanking stateside this weekend in second place with an estimated $30.9M behind Warner Bros/DC’s Wonder Woman which will own the top spot for a second weekend in a row with $54.3M, -47% and a running cumulative of $202.1M by Sunday.

The movie has not been received well, either–by critics or regular viewers.. THE MUMMY is currently being hit with an 18% rotten rate on ROTTEN TOMATOES..

David Sims from the ATLANTIC: As the beginning of an ongoing series, it’s an utter bore, one with only the faintest grasp of what made Universal’s monster pictures so iconic all those decades ago…

Sarah Fetters from Movie Freak: Let’s not mince words. As a kickoff to a proposed new series of films, dubbed the “Dark Universe”… The Mummy is a very bad movie.

And even a POSITIVE review Beliefnet is confused: A plane crash scene is viscerally exciting, and sets up the movie’s funniest line later on. But it cannot make its mind up whether it wants to be adventure, horror, or camp.