Harvey Danger

Harvey rammed into Texas last week, unleashing a torrent of rainfall, clogging streets into rivers, and leaving residents stranded in their flood-stricken homes — but the storm’s havoc is still not over. Harvey could dump up 15 inches of rain for portions of eastern Texas and western Louisiana, including the Houston area. This would deal another blow by drenching already saturated areas and hampering already difficult rescue efforts.

Tropical Storm Harvey is starting to move east and heavy rainfall is expected to worsen the “catastrophic and life-threatening” flooding situation in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana, according to the National Weather Service.

Our senses are being shocked into submission but the images gracing our television sets and phone screens.. Images and videos of people catching fish in their living room.. nursing home patients up to their necks in water until being rescued.. entire families commuting by boat to leave their home, and all of their possessions..  Military personnel having to rescue people from rooftops..

And now this: Rivers rising 50 feet–YES, 50 FEET.. television studios being flooded during live broadcasts.. the storm moving into the Gulf only to strengthen again and then hit again..

The areas leveled by this flood aren’t seeing relief yet. The weather keeps coming! The crisis of elf proportions isn’t over at this time

….those who left their homes may not be able to get back for months..for years..ever.

This is beyond crisis level..

Rising waters…nuclear power plants..chemical scares..anxiety..

And all of this just one week after the Great American Eclpse.

I read a lot of people who believed the eclipse was a harbinger of doom, some who argued that it was an event that will change the course of American history. Even John Hogue, a prophecy expert, appeared on Coast to Coast AM only too hypothesize that perhaps the Great American Eclipse was going to signal the end of the Great American century.

The entire Gulf of Mexico seemingly is turning into the Gulf of Houston.

Harrowing photos and videos are not going to stop. The rain hasn’t yet. Normally the rescue efforts begin to take place as a storm ends. This storm hasn’t ended yet. As a matter of fact, as I write this post, it is beginning to take shape only to strike again.

May God bless this entire area.. May God bless America.
The darkness truly has invdaded.

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