Bad superstitions over Logan Paul

This seems to be an ever changing story..

Will Logan Paul be or not be in a forthcoming horror movie ..?

Logan’s the centerpiece of writer Jeffrey Reddick‘s new fright flick, “Superstition: The Rule of 3’s.” Production sources told TMZ tonight that he hasn’t been fired in the wake of controversy … Logan had his online dilemma start when he uploaded a video of him bet to a suicide victim in Japan.. 

Doug Falconer — CEO of Falconer Productions, which is producing ‘Superstition’ — confirms with TMZ … there have been no talks to recast Logan.

That said, TMZ also reports that Falconer do not even hear of the story yet but now that he did he would get back to the site on any changes or developments.

So yes.. there could very well be a quick change coming..