You should sleep on this conspiracy theory for a while

A few days ago a REDDIT thread about conspiracy become social media bedlam! A poster said he/she believed that the company Mattress Film was a cover for a large-scale scandalous money laundering operation!

The comment got 41 thousand up votes quickly.. the theory spread on Twitter and other socials.. And then, only propelling the conspiracy theory into high revolution around the sun, the comment was SIMPLY DELETED.


Speculation exists and to why.. a whodunnit of epic online proportions.

A few screen grabs below to show some original postings along with Twitter affirmations afterwards:

An interesting point that was brought out in discussion: In 2016 German based company Steinhoff acquired Mattress Firm (and Mattress Firm was already a big purchase since it acquired Sleepy’s in 2015.).

By December of 2017, the CEO of Steinhoff stepped down and Germany was investigating whether the company was in violation of that country’s commercial laws.

Now while that may not have a direct correlation with anything regarding impropriety, people questioned some other numbers

There are about 14000 McDonalds in America.
There are about 12000 Starbucks.
And…there are a little over 9,200 MATTRESS Store!

A product that only gets purchased, at the most, once a decade (sometimes once in a lifetime) …

It you would consider 300,000,000 Americans needing a bed, not bunking or sharing, then there would theoretically be 300,000,000 mattresses. You can do the math yourself, even Common Core style, to ascertain how true a profit a company having 9000 stores (often right next to each other!) have.

One Facebook post I saw while researching this said “there are 34 Mattress Firms in a 20 mile radius of my home. I am freaked out!”

The extent of conspiracy now ‘out there,’ here’s how serious it got. The CEO of Mattress Firm was forced to comment to the BUSINESS INSIDER yesterday about this topic. Ken Murphy said that the accusation of money laundering is ‘false’ and lacks merit, and that the company provides valuable products to customers and will continue to do so.

Luckily customers can choose between 9,200 stores for their product. And if they don’t like one store? Just walk across the street to the next nearest, I suppose…