Dear David back for more

If you have some spare time and interest, check out a Twitter account run by Adam Ellis @moby_dickhead .. Humorous name.

Over the past several months, Ellis went from just a few followers to now almost 970,000 people writing a steady stream of updates about ‘Dear David.’

If you go back through the annals of @moby_dickhead, you’ll find a rather unassuming beginning where strange things were happening in his Manhattan apartment. From there, things get worse.. and worser. And worsest. To the point where he believes his humble abode is haunted with the spirit of David, a young child who seems to have a gigantic cranium indicating injury or sickness. The spirit, plagued with anger, is now causing consternation for Ellis.

The best part is how the ongoing story seems so brilliantly true!

Ellis gained notoriety when a few British rags picked up on the story — the story of Dear David traveled around the world in 60 seconds. From there, Ellis continued posting some mundane things on Instagram, and interacting with users on Twitter never indicating that he is giving us a great ongoing running horror story.

Where will it go!?
How will it end!?
Brilliant way to write a novel. A novel approach to selling a story! Twitter with interactions and user input.

Recently, from December 2017 through January 2018, Ellis regained some interest with new Twitter posts about David standing overtop of him at night while he was sleeping–photos to accompany the story are posted in the Twitter threads on his corner of the social media world. Additionally, he said he traveled back home to Montana for Christmas to escape David. And then he found footprints in the snow.

….cue the music. David was there.

I follow ‘REIGNBOT’ on both Twitter and YouTube (You should really check her out if you are into the exploration of online mysteries and anomalies.). Reignbot posted a full 20 minute video on January 24 of her reading off all of Ellis’ latest posts on his Twitter page. It’s worth the time:


There is a steady stream of debate over whether Ellis is giving us great entertainment or factual knowledge of his haunting. Serious discussions in circles of the otherworldly exist pondering whether David really creeps around this Manhattan flat.. or if David is just a cunning way of instituting a new form of horror entertainment into our lives.

Either way.. a book deal? Why bother! Twitter is free! That’s too old school for dear David.

A movie? .. maybe more like it.

Fact or fiction, @moby_dickhead continues to hold our collective imagination and attention with the startling stories of the night stalking ghost demon boy named David.