Pretty Funko: Coming this June, horror cereal!

In an interview with the Coronado Eagle & JournalFunko founder Michael Becker reported  that this Summer will see the launch of a brand new line of Funko Cereal that includes licenses that are part of the company’s POP! line.

First up: Freddy Krueger, Elvira and Beetlejuice.. 


One of the fun things is we are about to release our own line of cereal, with a mini-Pop inside,” Becker explained. “We got all the cool licenses like He-Man, Wonder Woman, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Freddy Krueger and our own Freddy Funko. We start shipping to stores in June and we have the distribution set up and the product is pre-sold. It’s just one more of those feel-good Funko items.”

Looking forward to Freddy. The little HorrorReporter Ayden sans Cuphead. And the He-Man statement has me a little curious as to the future of my breakfast table.. 

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