FIRST FALL WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Audience growing weary of politics

THE HOUSE WITH CLOCKS ON THE WALLS is winning the first weekend of autumn at the box office.. But others movies are faring poorly  .. maybe the reason for the season is turning away from politics, especially. Michael Moore’s TRUMP doc FAHRENHEIT 11/9 is doing the worst of all new releases..


The news isn’t good for a trio of high-profile fall festival films opening nationwide box office — Michael Moore’s new doc Fahrenheit 11/9, the edgy teen black comedy Assassination Nation and Dan Fogelman’s Life Itself, according to early returns.
The only new movie doing decent business is a more commercial, Hollywood studio offering: Eli Roth’s big-screen adaptation of the beloved kids book, The House With a Clock in Its Walls. The family friendly pic is headed for a weekend haul of $24 million-$25 million from 3,592 theaters after grossing $7.8 million on Friday, easily enough to top the chart.

And to be fair to Moore’s newest flick: FAHRENHEIT 9/11 was released in over 2,000 theaters. .this go around the Trump documentary has been released in roughly just over 1,700..

But we have, as a nation of pop culture digesters, become quite ill from too much Trump. Yes, its ratings. But equally so, it’s not when we want to escape at the theater..


What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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