Attention deficit democracy

The national mood is dark..

Ever since that dreaded blood moon—oh and an meteorite hit the moon DURING THE TOTAL ECLIPSE that was seen from earth this weekend. .
The Covington Catholic High School fiasco is a symptom of an even greater problem we face: WE have no time to get to know a story..let it develop..we judge quickly and hate even quicker when something newsworthy bursts open and makes the “viral” rounds..
There are Hollywood stars and media moguls proclaiming that the children involved should be doxxed, that someone should put the young teens in wood chippers.. and that the school and teachers need to be “taught a lesson”—and Saturday Night Live ‘comedy writers’ saying they will give fellacio to whoever punches the MAGA teen.. 
While the media and some stars had to back track on the video when MORE video and more information was released and known, others line just don’t care.. Everyone is dying to give their political view on the topic. They are spreading their hate on social media… on Facebook and Twitter we are developing into de-evolution..
George Orwell wrote of a ‘Face crime” in 1984..This young teen, who now is taking to media to defend himself as his image has been spread around the world and his family and friends have been threatened with bodily harm.

You can read the full report on what occurred somewhere—maybe you’ll get an unbiased report here or there.. All sources seem shaded just a bit towards their own side … their own political end game in mind..

But in mind is how we are three seconds away from hate at all times on Twitter.. how people can make horrid comments about anyone at any time and call for violence.. Twitter may suspend some. But not all..and in the end the attention deficit democracy spreads far and wide.. with common sense, true journalism, and the dream of America falling by the wayside.
We are divided. And when divided, much easier to be conquered…