Tourist hit! The Gas Station from TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE


“We actually have a gas pump that every once in a while we take out,” manager Ben Hughes told KVUE. “The Coca-Cola machine that’s exactly the one from the movie, we take out.”
There’s also memorabilia for purchase inside the building and a replica van from the movie is parked outside.
“If you’re a fan of the movie to begin with, then coming out and actually getting to be in a place where it was, it really heightens it for you,” Hughes said.
Roy Rose and Lisa Rose moved from Cleveland to Bastrop, Texas, and opened the restaurant in 2016. The property includes four mini cabins and campsites for fans who want the full experience.
Nearly three years in, the tourist attraction is a hit.

“It’s a place of enjoyment,” Hughes said. “You have people who are not just horror film people, but just movie people in general.
Just go and have a good time, see some cool things, eat some good food and just talk with people.”


AUSTIN, Texas — If you’re cruising down Highway 304 and head just south of Bastrop, you’ll probably pass by a quiet — and familiar — building.

The original 1974 film ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ was filmed at a gas station along the highway.

Well, The Gas Station is now a restaurant, serving up barbecue and all sorts of merchandise for horror movie buffs.

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