Britney Spears back in mental facility

Britney Spears is getting public support from some of those closest to her after TMZ reported that the singer has checked herself into a mental health facility..


The singer had already put her Las Vegas residency on hold to care for her ailing father, whose colon abruptly ruptured late last year. Now, TMZ reports that despite two surgeries to attempt to correct his system, Jamie Spears continues to suffer complications.

From the gossip rags in FTP style, Spears is having issues dealing with her father’s impending death and intends on spending 30 days in the facility..

SPEARS has been the subject of public scorn and humiliation since her debut onto the music scene.. And sadly it takes a toll on celebrities..

AT this point, while people will not, they should let her be.. Permitted to go about the business of mentally preparing herself to accept her family crisis …allowing her to recover… 

Fame kills..

Fame taunts..

And fan bases dry up.

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