COVID goes for the throat

The U.S. has reported 278,920 new COVID-19 cases today, making it the record for most cases reported in a single day.

The previous record?? YESTERDAY..

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A new study showcasing the complicated nature of spread: At least 50% of new coronavirus infections are spread from people without symptoms..

People who are asymptomatic or never experience symptoms made up about 24% of all transmissions, while presymptomatic individuals accounted for 35% for a total of 59%, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

Meanwhile, on that new scary Yorkshire strain: The mutant coronavirus strain ripping through the country is more contagious because it replicates in the throat, scientists have said…

Meanwhile, other headlines:

#GaysOverCovid: Maskless parties lead to rift within LGBTQ community…

Most survivors ‘still suffer symptoms 6 months later’…

Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots…

With New Law, Sweden Gains Power to Impose Restrictions…

U.S. DEATHS: 370,094…

One further detail on the story showcasing symptoms still occurring after 6 months–that one is troubling. These have been previous called the COVID longhaulers..

More than three quarters of coronavirus patients have at least one ongoing symptom six months after initially becoming unwell, according to a new study.

The research looked at the long-term effects of Covid-19 on people admitted to hospital in Wuhan, China, and found that the most common symptom to persist is fatigue or muscle weakness, in 63% of patients.

Patients also frequently experience sleep difficulties (26%), and anxiety or depression was reported among 23% of patients, according to the study.

Researchers found patients who were severely ill in hospital more often had impaired lung function and abnormalities detected in chest imaging – which could indicate organ damage – six months after symptom onset.


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