Chinese defector claims Wuhan Military Games was first Covid-19 superspreader event

But defector and democracy campaigner Wei Jingsheng made a stunning accusation in Sky News’ new documentary, What Really Happened In Wuhan, telling reporter Sharri Markson – who has also penned a book by the same name – that he believed the first Covid superspreader event could have occurred as early as October.
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While the media publication is reporting this as a bombshell report, it has been a long rumored possibility. Some have argued that the virus originated as early as September, with other stating that it was around Italy in mid 2019.

The Wuhan games is included thousands of athletes from around the world, and as cases began to pop up in different portions of the planet in December 2019 and January 2020, it gives credence to the possibility that this was a mass super spreader event that truly began the pandemic officially before we even realized it was occurring.

There have also been documented reports of athletes becoming sick, and some athletes showing similar signs of the COVID-19 virus…