HALLOWEEN KILLS looks unforgiving and relentless

HALLOWEEN KILLS look unrelenting..

On the anniversary of 9/11, it appears that Michael Myers will slaughter firefighters…

There appears to be no forgiveness..

The newest HALLOWEEN KILLS trailer begins with two children telling a woman (Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace) about a man in a creepy white mask playing hide-and-seek with them. That man, of course, is Michael Myers. Later in the trailer, there are various nods to the much-maligned Halloween III: Season of the Witch, first with Michael showing off one of the masks from that film covered in blood as he attacks a family.

The family is later found dead in a playground wearing the skull and pumpkin masks.

Laurie Strode realizing she once again failed to kill Michael, who emerges from the burning home he was last seen in to murder several firefighters. She then recruits several familiar faces from the original film to help bring an end to The Shape once and for all…

Originally slated for a full theatrical release, Universal recently announced that Halloween Kills will premiere in both theaters and on Peacock day-and-date on October 15..

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