THE HIGHLIGHT OF HALLOWEEN KILLS MAY HAVE BEEN DR. LOOMIS! Who was it that played him!? Not CGI.. It is played by Tom Jones Jr., and it was a brave choice in a time when everything is recreated with computers..

He is not an actor! Instead Jones is a a prolific construction coordinator, having worked on projects such as The AbyssThe Conjuring and the Swamp Thing series.

He also bears an resemblance to Donald Pleasence, so when combined with the voice of soundalike Colin Mahan – who voiced the doctor on an audio recording in Halloween 2018 – Loomis was starring in the 1978 flashback scene of  Halloween Kills.

Perhaps HALLOWEEN KILLS would have been smarter to give us an entire flashback movie..

The first few minutes of the film were an homage but also inspired that same 1978 feeling thanks to camera work and lighting.. the scenery mimicked the original film spectacularly, and the music matched. Maybe instead of the modern version, an entire retro movie would have been better. . . ? With Jones as Loomis for good measure…