The strange tales of Adrian Reister

Adrian Reister said that he had strange encounters including a meeting with a 6 foot shadow person ..

The former USAF nuclear weapons technician Adrian Reister described seeing glowing ‘orbs’ hovering around the high-security Missouri base – and coming face-to-face with a ‘shadow person’..

Somewhere in the Skies on YouTube did an interview with him..

The Youtube live with Somewhere in the Skies delved into UAP incidents but also the Reister claims that he saw the shadow person.

Reister said it occurred sometime in the spring of 2006.. He was “just a kid,” he joked..

Reister said he heard a strange noise of footsteps, somewhat like the sound of wet feet walking on concrete near a pool. As the noise got louder, he came eye to shadow.. it was 6 feet tall and opaque in color..

This all took place in a locked room that had tamper proof sealing, his recollection went..

According to the account, Reister even chased the being through the facility and it vanished..

His sudden public testimony has been welcomed by UAP and paranormal observers..

Concerning what took so long:

Adrian, who received medals for outstanding service, feared top brass would revoke his clearance and “put a target on his back” if he said anything about the strange encounters.