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A POX ON YOUR HOUSE: Blame it on the monkeys

MONKEYPOX FEAR IN UK: IS THERE AN UNDETECTED SPREAD? Portugal and Spain among countries reporting cases with legions on patients

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed concern Tuesday about an unusual outbreak of monkeypox in the United Kingdom, suggesting there appears to be at least some undetected transmission of the virus there and warning of the possibility that the outbreak could spread beyond U.K. borders.

Portugal is reporting 5 monkeypox cases and 20 suspected cases. All of these cases are in young men, healthy and stable, presenting with lesions…

Health authorities in Madrid, Spain, reported eight suspected cases of monkeypox virus. On the same day, the Spanish Ministry of Health issued an emergency health alert to the health departments of all regions of Spain..

Is this the 2022 pandemic to be?

“We do have a level of concern that this is very different than what we typically think of from monkeypox. And I think we have some concern that there could be spread outside the U.K associated with this,” Jennifer McQuiston, a senior CDC official, told STAT in an interview.


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