Found like the fries at the bottom of a McDonalds bag


Would you eat one?

Old McDonald’s bag AND fries found in a wall!!

On April 16, Rob and Gracie Jones were doing work on their 1959 Crystal Lake home, located about 50 miles northwest of Chicago.

Suddenly, they found a decades-old McDonald’s bag behind one wall.

“Rob was in the bathroom replacing the old toilet paper fixture,” Gracie told CNN Wednesday, “As he pulled the fixture out, he noticed a rolled up piece of cloth bunched up inside the wall.”

The couple had no idea they were about to discover decades-old fast food, CNN reported.

“At this point we’re both looking at each other wondering if we’d be calling the police because we just uncovered evidence from a crime scene!” Gracie said, “We were very relieved to have just found the old McDonald’s bag.”