Indonesia: Three children dead from suspected hepatitis

The country’s health ministry said the victims died from ‘suspected acute hepatitis’ last month and were all located in the capital of Jakarta…


Indonesia says three children have died from hepatitis amid global outbreak of mysterious liver disease — ‘bringing total death toll to four’

Additional reporting in publications:

Their symptoms included nausea, vomiting, heavy diarrhea, fever, jaundice, seizures and loss of consciousness — all tell-tale signs of the deadly liver disease.

Tests are underway to confirm their cause of death. Indonesia has not officially logged any cases of hepatitis since the outbreak began. 

The ages of the children have not been revealed and it is not clear if they had underlying health conditions.

CBS reporting:

“At the moment, the Health Ministry is investigating the cause of the acute hepatitis by running a full panel of virus tests,” it said.

The ministry also called on parents to immediately take their children to hospital if they showed any sign of the symptoms.

The emergence of a possible new disease afflicting only young children — most are under the age of 10 with no underlying conditions — has sent ripples of concern through a global health community already grappling with COVID-19.

The WHO said that, in Britain, there was an “unexpected significant increase” in cases among young, previously healthy children, as well as in Ireland and the Netherlands.