We are very happy we binged Stranger Things Season 4

We finally binged STRANGER THINGS season 4.. we wanted to make it last, so we broke up the binging into sections..

Each section was emotional. Fun.. and edge-of-your-seat entertainment..

Some dull moments were interspersed through the noise and horror–but this season upped the ante on horror and scares.. It created a mosaic of fright along with the cheerfulness of big 80s-hair and bright colors.

What landed best? DEAR BILLY, episode 4 of the season, could very well be the strongest episode of any of all four seasons.. What missed? The more drawn out storylines that were offered in episode 5 through 7 regarding Hopper and Eleven?
And what was worst of all?
The show still trying to showcase Will Byers as a child, attempting to fit him into childlike clothing despite his tall appearance and Johnny Cash-style deep voice. But kids grow faster than shows can be filmed. So we give some forgiveness on that.

But we are fans. We know that some people LOVE season 1 and hate season 3.. or find season 2 to be lukewarm at best. We also know that there are some who are highly critical of the Duffer Brothers “homaging” so much that they are often accused of outright copying.

But we also don’t care. As a matter of fact, this show has been one of our favorites since July 2016 when it first aired and changed the world. Now 4 seasons in we are frightened of the fifth that promises to end it all..

So far, season 4 are two Vecna-claws up.

After what we saw we are high anticipating the final two movie-length episodes 8 and 9. PAPPA, and PIGGYBACK.

We are so glad this show is finally streaming.

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