30th anniversary for classic BATMAN RETURNS

Was it the BEST Batman movie of them all? Debates rage..

June 16, 2022 will commemorate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s sequel to his original 1989 hit.

The 1992 film had a Christmas setting, with evil billionaire Max Schreck being an evil that led Gotham to see the creation of a cat woman.. And a horrid slobbering raw fish eating penguin living under the sewers for years long enough to create an army of little penguins ready to blow up the city.

The movie was as macabre as Tim Burton could get. Danny Devito and Michelle Pfieffer joined Michael Keaton in the film.

While not as off the grid super large as the original, it was still super large.

We have written about Batman Returns before, but more in the idea of whether it was a Christmas movie or not. We concluded that it IS.


Parents upset!!
Marketing for younger children and it is too violent!

This was the media coverage in 1992 when a number of TV talk shows and news outlets went rogue against Tim Burton’s hit.. One clip as a talk show interviewing a child who said “everything that kids love was being used against them” like clowns and a ducky boat..

(would love to know what this kid thought of Pennywise that aired two years earlier??)


Going back in time to what then highly acclaimed and respected movie reviews Siskel and Ebert thought of BATMAN RETURNS: (and they did not love it)

The final conclusion: Tim Burton makes “great looking pictures” but there is “no need” for Christopher Walken as Max Schreck in the movie..