WGA West upgrades it battle: Tells government to regulate Disney, Netflix, and Amazon!

As Hollywood faces rains from Tropical Storm Hilary, another storm continues to play out: The ongoing writers strike may have just upgraded to hurricane status..


The WGA West escalated its fight against the AMPTP in the ongoing writer’s strike by calling on the government to regulate Disney, Netflix, and Amazon for monopolistic practices!!

Released on Thursday, the report from the WGA West, titled “The New Gatekeepers: How Disney, Amazon, and Netflix Will Take Over Media,” said that studios have been engaging in “anti-competitive practices” by “abusing their dominance to further disadvantage competitors, raise prices for consumers, and push down wages for the creative workforce.”

“Without intervention, these conglomerates will seize control of the media landscape and the streaming era’s advances for creativity and choice will be lost. These new gatekeepers have amassed market power through mergers and other anti-competitive practices, offering an alarming window into the future of media,” the report said.

The escalations reveals the extreme measures both sides are going to publicly. This appears to be producing a drought of upcoming Hollywood entertainment..