Mars attacks: Stuck in the mud

The hexagonal patterns discovered on Mars are formed when an area has extended wet seasons followed by extended dry ones. It has been known for a while that Mars contains the dried vestiges of rivers, lakes, and even seas as the study noted, “The presence of perennially wet surface environments on early Mars is well documented”. 

Peru being attacked by aliens!! Or illegal miners with back packs..

Members of the Peruvian Navy and Police traveled to the isolated community, which is located 10 hours by boat from the Maynas provincial capital of Iquitos, to investigate the strange disturbances in early August.

Last week, authorities said publicly that they believed the perpetrators were members of illegal gold mining gangs from Colombia and Brazil using advanced flying technology to terrorize the community,..

The ‘directed energy weapon’ in Hawaii could have been energized power lines that were not turned off despite warnings of hurricane winds

The Washington POST and other mainstream sources are beginning to report on what really caused the Hawaii fires–the hurricane force winds were a factor.

Some online speculated that a weaponized beam did it, the reality seems to be more on the mundane side. However one that could lead to some tremendous legal issues or power companies..