Flash: Smiling about Smile 2

Smile grossed around $217 million worldwide on a $17 million budget.

Planning went underwater quickly for a sequel while the iron was still hot. Deadline reported the sequel will be hitting theaters as soon as next year in 2024.

“Paramount has set Oct. 18, 2024 for the next Smile movie.”

Deadline also adds that original Smile director “Parker Finn is coming back to helm Smile 2.”

While smile may make studio executives grinning from ear to ear at potential profits in 2024, the movie itself was one of the better. Additionally, the roll out of the film that included people creepily posing in baseball games and just smiling for nine innings really helped get the word out in an impressive way.

Can they muster up a entrance into the box office fray as successful as their first go around?

If not part 3 will be FROWN.