The Atlantic has an interesting report on the now retiring Mitt Romney fears his own death

Apparently, the senator and former presidential candidate has had a lifelong and strange fascination with his own death. One where it seems to haunt him like an albatross.

He practices a strict diet and exercise regimen. But he also has a fear that he will die suddenly and violently…

From the Atlantic piece

He would live to 120 if he could. “So much is going to happen!” he says when asked about this particular desire. “I want to be around to see it.” But some part of him has always doubted that he’ll get anywhere close.

He has never really interrogated the cause of this preoccupation, but premonitions of death seem to follow him. Once, years ago, he boarded an airplane for a business trip to London and a flight attendant whom he’d never met saw him, gasped, and rushed from the cabin in horror. When she was asked what had so upset her, she confessed that she’d dreamt the night before about a man who looked like him—exactly like him—getting shot and killed at a rally in Hyde Park. He didn’t know how to respond, other than to laugh and put it out of his mind. But when, a few days later, he happened to find himself on the park’s edge and saw a crowd forming, he made a point not to linger.
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And while this video has nothing to do with the Mitt Romney fear of death, it certainly is worthwhile to remember forever, his Julian celebration of “hotdog”..