Thousands of minks released from Pennsylvania fur far

This is the same area where monkeys were freed during a truck crash a year ago.

This time dangerous minks are on the loose. Seven thousand to be exact…


“Just stay away. Don’t touch it, don’t try to trap it, and don’t try to catch it. They will bite you, and they can potentially hurt you. We want to make sure the public is safe.”
These mink could also pose a threat to other animals. The nearby Sunbury Animal Hospital talked about ways to keep your pets safe.
“Don’t let (pets) out unattended. Take your dogs out on a leash. Mink might not be big enough to go after a big dog, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get injured by one. I would suspect cats and kittens, kittens especially, could be at risk,” said Dr. Beverly
Any animals you keep outdoors could be at risk.
“People with koi ponds, with backyard poultry and rabbits outside should talk to the Game Commission or check the internet for ways to discourage the mink from getting into those areas.”
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