So much retro.. so little time. The Weather Channel nostalgia comes alive on Youtube


While this existed for some time, I just discovered it today.. And thank God I did.

There is a special place in everyone’s heart for the OLD Weather Channel. Those 90s graphics.. the elevator musaaac…

Just the stats ma’am. It gave you what you needed to know every several minutes, followed by some talking head forecasters giving you the nationwide outlook and, during the winter time, mentally prepping you for the next big Nor’Easter that–maybe never happened–was about to come..

The retro is a memory. But thanks to this Youtube channel,, it is also still existent.

For real… you can watch REAL weather now.. you can see the forecast, the latest observations. Just like it exited way back in the 20th century..

This may be one of the most special YouTube channels ever found and bookmarked.. It will now be background sound in several rooms of my home.

IF YOU WANTED TO DONATE, like we did, follow the link here.. It needs to continue.. this is so nostalgic it gives you the deep feelies..