JAMES WEBB RUMORS: Don’t count on them too much

Rumors Circulating That James Webb Has Discovered Life on Another World

No, But… Ars Technica reports that the persistent rumor that the James Webb Space Telescope has found a planet with strong signs of life h


Rumors sure.. but it is more than likely that NASA will not Admit to such—though it just seems entirely impossible that earth is the only inhabitable planet in the universe.. that aside, Futurism reports this:

Though a NASA official told Ars that no “definitive evidence” has been found so far, they acknowledged the possibility of a huge discovery on the horizon that — sorry, folks — would take years worth of followup research to confirm.

“It is anticipated that JWST observations may lead to the initial identification of potential biosignatures that could make habitability more or less likely for a given exoplanet,” Knicole Colón, the James Webb’s deputy project scientist for exoplanet science, told Ars. “Future missions will be needed to conclusively establish the habitability of an exoplanet.”

It’s an answer worded to tamp down any out-of-control rumors, but it certainly leaves the door open to some exciting possibilities — a no, but “not a hard no,” in Ars’ analysis.

So keep looking to the stars..