Art Bell tribute site goes AI creepy

The master of macabre has been gone since Friday the 13th in 2018.. we miss him greatly..

Ground Zero Radio does, too.. A page was published on March 11, 2024, about the late great radio host..

It began,

Art Bell was an iconic figure in the realm of paranormal and unexplained phenomena broadcasting. His deep, resonant voice and open-minded approach to the mysteries of the night made his show, ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ a beacon for those seeking to explore the unknown. Bell’s legacy continues to influence the world of paranormal media, inspiring countless individuals to look beyond the veil of ordinary reality. This article pays homage to the man who captivated the airwaves with tales of the strange and supernatural, inviting us to ponder the endless possibilities that exist just beyond the edge of our understanding.

All that was good..

But the images presented showcasing the Coast to Coast AM host were .. questionable.

AI at its finest–or worst..

As the story opens, the image used showcases Art to be in a Stephen Hawking-like position overlooking the planet from space..

But it gets weirder..

Meet Art as a strange elderly mall cop … we’ve all seen this guy at the local dive bar at 1am..

And if you don’t like that, why not trying to buy a car from this version, he’ll take good care of you and get you into something nice..

Grandpa Art is coming over later with his hard candies..

And finally.. the closest we get to something that sorta somewhat looks like Art Bell showcases Art hotwiring his radio sound board like he’s stealing it, and his broken middle finger on the right hand makes it look like things went horribly wrong.

AI when used properly can be fine. AI when used like this–when there are tons of real images of people–get weird. And these? These were even weirder than Art’s show itself..