The mysterious case of Riley Strain: His family asking for help as the bar that served him denies liquor violations

Riley Strain, 22, has been missing since he was escorted out of Luke Bryan’s bar in Nashville on March 8.


The University of Missouri student who went missing after being kicked out of a Nashville bar was served only one drink before he was asked to leave country music star Luke Bryan’s bar, the owners said.

Luke’s 32 Bridge + Drink and its owner, TC Restaurant Group, said in a statement that Riley Strain, 22, was served one alcoholic drink and two waters while at the downtown Nashville bar during a trip with his fraternity for a spring formal.

However an investigation from Tennessee officials has now commenced to determine if he should have even been served at the bar at all..

The bar said it had also “provided detailed information” to the Nashville Metro Police Department in an effort to help locate the missing man.

He was last seen on security video just before 10 p.m. March 8. In the footage, he appears to sway and do a full 360-degree turn before continuing to walk.

Some are questioning if he was running for help or from something..

Strain has been trending on social media and online sleuths have joined in the X-sphere to opine and ask questions–some great questions like this:

Riley’s family has been posting on social media thanking people for support and asking for more help and attention to the case..

At the time this post is written, official have converged around the Nissan Stadium in the search..