Roberts accused Jean-Luc Brunel, 76, of procuring more than a thousand women and girls for Epstein to sleep with and he was awaiting trial in France for raping minors. His death in an alleged hanging will fuel conspiracy theories around the Epstein affair after the financier also died in prison while awaiting trial in what … Read moreHELL IN THE CELL: ANOTHER EPSTEIN “SUICIDE”


FRIDAY DECEMBER 31 2021: THE FINAL DAY OF THE YEAR THE ANNUAL! 2021 AND WHERE IT GOT US BEST AND WORST OF 2021 RIP IN 21 PREDICTIONS! FINAL THOUGHTS.. Some scientists warn against OVER vaccinating for COVID.. OMICRON remains unpredictable.. Does China know something we don’t? China DISINFECTS Xian city and brings in ‘strictest level’ … Read moreNEWS ROUNDUP 2021

418 page deposition Ghislaine Maxwell released

Let the bombshells begin, the release occurred this morning and no doubt journalists and online salutes are already coming through 418 pages of a deposition in which Maxwell was interrogated about her sex life. Ghislaine stated a few things, she denied that she participated in orgies .. Maxwell skirt questions about prince Andrew and Bill … Read more418 page deposition Ghislaine Maxwell released


SUNDAY DECEMBER 6 2020 So little shopping time left before Christmas.. you can feel the stresses already starting to build.. Fortune Telling Businesses Booming: ‘People Want To Have Hope’… ‘Epstein alive’ conspiracy theory sparked after ‘sighting’ near New Mexico ranch… Long a Holdout, Sweden Ends Pandemic Experiment… Denmark Plans Partial Lockdown of Main Cities… COVID … Read moreNEWS ARCHIVE: AUTUMN 2020


HOLLYWOOD REPORTER on why Halloween would NOT do well with today’s critics.. MORE.. In 2018, revisiting Halloween means revisiting the Kael quote, especially the keyword of “sophistication.” We’re living through a so-called golden age of horror cinema, a genre renaissance, if you like; put in franker language, horror today gets taken more seriously by studios, … Read moreNEWS ROUNDUP: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26 2018

Wild speculation: The strangest Podesta stories floating this Friday

Spirit cooking and sex cults.. The net has gone wild. Friday before an election and the Wikileaks email are hitting hard.. Follow Twitter throughout the day for more Tweets and trends on #SpiritCooking But that’s not it.. Also this: The net is engulfed in wild speculation about Podesta being connected to sex cults.. A large … Read moreWild speculation: The strangest Podesta stories floating this Friday