News of the strange: Family lost in a corn maze dials 911 for help

Panic descended on the Conners Farm Corn Maze in Danvers, Massachusetts. At around 7pm, on Tuesday this week, a 911 call put the maze on the map and caused a nationwide marathon of jokes.
The Everett family were on the maze.. a couple with two children, one age 5 and one only three weeks old. They became lost on the corn maze and in a panic called 911 after darkness swept the corn maze due to the time of day.
Their calls have been played nationwide on 24-7 news broadcasts and they have become the unfortunate butt of jokes at their expense. The family was 25 feet in the maze when police arrived at the scene. They were escorted out of the maze to safety.
According to WCVB ABC in Boston, the farm said no one ever became lost in the maze before. The maze must be good, though, as it takes about an hour to complete for most who attend. 
No one lost before. But there’s always a first. No better time than Halloween. 
Perhaps next time the Everett family should start the maze a bit earlier.